Donate Now
Thank you for considering a donation to Christian Homes Care Community. Your generous support allows us to provide many special programs to our residents and the community we serve.

Please make your donation payable to Christian Homes Care Community addressed to:
1923 West 4th Avenue
Holdrege, Nebraska 68949

Planned Giving

Your gifts are important and help Christian Homes Care Community in its ministry. Christian Homes, Inc. is a church owned and operated ministry and is registered with the IRS as a nonprofit, charitable corporation. Contributions to Christian Homes are tax deductible.

If you have questions about any of these areas, please contact our Executive Director.

We recommend that cash contributions should be made by check, especially if sent through the mail.

Memorial Gifts
A memorial gift expresses honor for a loved one and becomes a meaningful way to offer a gift which helps in meeting the needs of others.

Stocks, Bonds, Securities
Securities, such as stocks, bonds, and other securities, can be gifted to Christian Homes Care Community. You can take a charitable deduction on your federal and state taxes for the current value of your security, and if your security has appreciated in value, you do not have to pay any capital gains tax.

Home/Real Estate
Gifts of real estate, such as homes, farms, and other real property assets, can provide a practical and beneficial gift. At the same time you receive a charitable deduction for the value of the real estate and can avoid capital gains taxes.

Retirement Accounts
Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), many pension plans, and other retirement plans may be utilized for charitable giving through effective gift and estate planning. These plans may provide estate tax benefits. These fund would go tax-free to the charity, and a capable financial advisor may suggest a separate plan to recreate the value of your retirement account in a tax-free position for your family. This may provide a wonderful way for you to tithe from your estate.

Life Insurance
You can significantly multiply the size of your gifting through the purchase of a life insurance policy. By making Christian Homes, Inc., a charitable organization, the owner and beneficiary of this policy, your policy payments are tax deductible and you have the opportunity to provide for a significant future gift to support this ministry of care. The policy could be structured for a single premium or as an annual premium policy. This is another good way to tithe from your estate.

An annuity is a excellent vehicle to provide gifts to tax exempt charities. Your dollars will grow on a tax-deferred basis within the annuity, and those charities which are named as beneficiaries of the annuity will receive your full contribution without having to pay income or estate taxes.

A Will
A will provides your personal representative with guidance for the distribution of your assets to other people or a charity. With this in mind, your will is very important because it directs the distribution of you estate in line with your priorities and values.

A trust is an important part of the estate plan of many people. Assets in the trust are used in line with the instructions you have included in the trust document. This is a valuable tool in making provision for you and your loved ones and at the same time for charitable causes which you desire to support.