Our History & Philosophy

Christian Homes Care Community is a ministry of the Midwest District of the Evangelical Free Church of America. We believe that there is no higher calling than to serve others. We also believe that God energizes and fulfills those people who respond to that call.

Our facilities and services are open to all who desire to be a part of our community. It is our desire to enrich the lives of those we serve and to enhance their personal dignity, self-worth, personality, and relationships with others.

Christian Orphans Home / Christian Childrens Home

During the summer of 1888, the Reverend Axel Nordin, pastor of the Free Mission Church at Phelps Center, took three children who needed care and shelter into his own home.

Reverend Nordin’s single, spontaneous act of Christian charity grew to become the Christian Homes Care Community of Holdrege- a sustained century-long response by congregations of the Evangelical Free Church of America to the needs of society’s most vulnerable members.

Incorporated under the laws of the State of Nebraska on March 1,1889, the Christian Orphan Home quickly drew more homeless children, who were cared for initially by Reverend Nordin’s mother. Soon many others responded by volunteering contributions of prayer, financial support, and personal service to the fledgling home.

A farming operation was begun in 1891 to help defray expenses, and in 1892 a building was constructed, which, together with subsequent school and laundry structures, could accommodate 100 children.

In the early 1920’s, the need for newer and more serviceable buildings in closer proximity to Holdrege was recognized. The people of Holdrege and many other areas generously provided funds. Moving day was June 21, 1926, and the Home became known as the Christian Childrens Home. Through the foresight of the Home’s Board of Directors and Superintendent H.A. Gustin, the new facilities just west of Holdrege served the Home adequately for the next thirty years.

By the 1950’s, social services for children were increasingly provided by the State of Nebraska. The growth of the foster care system enabled alternative settings for the care of homeless children, and it became no longer practical or feasible to continue operation as a children’s home. The last of the children left the Christian Children’s Home on August 1, 1954.

Population and social patterns had changed enormously over an almost seventy-year period. The association that had been formed to care for society’s youngest members responded anew to the growing needs of an increasingly elderly population.

In April of 1955, amended Articles of Incorporation changed the association’s name to Christian Homes, Inc., stating its purpose as providing a home and care for seniors and those who had care needs. Since that time our campus has blossomed as it has expanded its services to skilled nursing and assisted living care and our housing to include independent apartment and owner occupied apartment living.