Mission Statement

Christian Homes Mission: Neighbors Caring for Neighbors

Our Vision:

  • R – Relationships – To develop nuturing relationships with our residents, their families, and our employees and to develop a kinship with them.
  • E – Engagement – To be purposeful in developing quality care and services and to be personally involved and respectful in our relationships.
  • A – Appreciation – To appreciate and reflect God’s love by providing person centered care which fosters self-direction and choice.
  • C – Compassion – To reflect compassion and to go beyond expectations in providing exceptional service.
  • H – Hospitality – To provide hospitality with sincerity and to be known for our honesty, integrity and willingness to put others before ourselves.

We Value:

  • Excellence – We pursue excellence as a non-ending process of becoming better and better.  We prize the willingness to overcome the challenges we face as we build on our successes.
  • Character – We value integrity, patience, and fairness in our relationships and in the services we give and receive.  We are committed to excellence in serving others, with appreciation for what God has done for us.
  • Teamwork – Our relationships are built on mutual respect, fairness and integrity.  Our team will be strongest when the skills, gifts, and talents of each individual are brought together and developed in the best way.  We want team members to know they are appreciated and what is important to them is important to us.
  • Facilities – Our facilities and grounds will reflect the warmth and attractiveness of home and will enhance the joy in living.
  • Stewardship – We will be wise stewards of what has been entrusted to us by God.  We use our resources to serve our residents, to care for our facilities, to better our team members, and to plan for the future.